Full Name:
Daniel Alan Nelson

> Winston Churchill High School
> (Class of 2010)
> Lane Community College
> (Attended while in high school)
> Portland State University
> (Class of 2014)

Education Specifics:
> Completed Advanced Design program
> (high school)

Current Location:
Portland, OR


> Illustration
> (Anything that can be transferred from
> pencil and paper to digital)
> Logos
> (Favorite graphical work)

My Background

Education in depth:

I’ve always enjoyed my natural affinity to
draw the things I see. As a kid I was inspired
by my imagination and sci-fi movies to draw
aliens and their spacecraft. Most of my early
education didn’t really push my abilities and
it wasn’t until high school that there was a
set of classes I could take that allowed me to
use them. The graphic design program at my
high school was the best thing for my future
that happened to me during high school. I
found a possible carrier option that would
allow me to use my skills. During senor year I
had to choose a college and a possible career
option to graduate. Portland State was my
second choice for a school but it was the
only public school with a design program in
the state. I am almost done with the program
here at PSU and looking forward to being a
designer with a degree.

This last summer I interned under a local
designer and business owner and the best
lesson I learned for myself was that I do not
want to be alone when I work. He does all of
his own promos,job hunting, production
management, and more. I want to work in
a team when I finish college and maybe do
more on the side for leisure but not as a
main source of income.

Me in brief:

I like to think of myself as a fun guy but I do like my alone time.
The ideal work place for me would have designers or artists working
together for parts of projects but also leaving pieces for individual
work too. Having other artists around me helps me focus and keeps
me driven. Outside of design and art I am interested in both college
and professional football. Being from Eugene, Oregon I am naturally
a big Ducks fan. In the NFL I am unnaturally a Baltimore Ravens fan,
mainly because of a few players on their team. I played baseball in
high school but don’t get your hopes up, I really dislike watching it.
I am an Eagle Scout and I really enjoy outdoor activities such as
camping and fishing. I have recently become very interested in Beer,
particularly stouts. I enjoy my share of video games and movies both
of which take up a lot of my free time outside of work.

My artistic style could be summed up as playful, contrasty, and
colorful. My design style is a little different as you might have
noticed with my site. It is a little more hard edged, still contrasty
but much less playful. I enjoy geometric shapes when I design and
I usually have to catch myself cramming pages with too much
content. I hope you enjoy the work I have on display here and my
description of my style sort of matches what you see.